Golden's Co. Partners with Canine Assisted Therapy To Change Lives

Canine Assisted Therapy is a non-profit organization that provides “pet magic” to those in need. From pediatric cancer centers to assisted living facilities they are there to help! CAT has approximately 120 teams providing service at more than 60 facilities throughout the South Florida area. They partner with community organizations to customize programs which meet specific needs. Canine Assisted Therapy strives to enhance the lives of individuals by supporting specific physical, cognitive, social, or emotional goals through the use of certified pet therapy teams. They train all their own therapy teams to work with individuals in need of emotional support; patients undergoing physical, occupational, and recreational therapies; and individuals with special needs. Recently, CAT provided support at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School by having over 35 therapy teams on site to aid in comforting and healing. Many of their volunteers spent every day for six months at the school providing care and support in the recovery of the students, faculty and the community so greatly impacted by the horrific tragedy on February 14, 2018.

To help Canine Assisted Therapy continue providing “pet magic”, Golden’s Co has pledged to donate a portion of our proceeds. We believe that the service they provide has helped many people, in some cases saving lives, and we want to help them continue changing lives for many years to come!