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We are the owners of 2 Goldens and a Havanase and made our first purchase case of these treats recently. My Goldens are totally in love with these treats. Our Havanase is 10 and has bad teeth and is very particular and she too loves these treats since they are soft enough for her to eat. So impressed I called our niece in Talahassee to suggest she buy them for her Lab.
— Bruce L.
Charlie loves his Golden’s Spark treats! We highly recommend these products!
— Michelle G.
Granola received her treats today. Thank You and that was very quick. She and her friend really enjoyed them. They wanted to eat them all.
— Marilyn R.
Oliver loves them. He gave up on fighting the cat after two serenity treats!
— Jillian G.
I have a very hyper-active Lhasa-Poo named Lexi and she loves Golden’s Serenity treats. It also calmed her down. The shipping was very fast and the packaging was perfect with a handwritten note, which I thought was very personable. I will order from you guys again and recommend the treats! Thank you so much!
— Juelle T.
Chief can’t get enough of his Golden’s treats! Awesome product.
— Rick B.