Where It All Began...

Golden Retriever laying near a lake in Virginia

It all started at our grandparent's house on Smith Mountain Lake in Virginia. They had a golden retriever named Cassie and she was one of the best dogs we've ever met. Everywhere we went, Cassie followed, happy as can be. Austin and I(Tristan) would play, run around the yard, get muddy, and even jump in the lake with her. Cassie was the most loving dog in the world. She spent countless hours on the boat while we water-skied and she explored with us on the golf cart around the lake. Unfortunately, we lost Cassie in the early 2000's and never got another dog, but she sure left a mark on everyone she met. Talk about a caring dog who loved you no matter what, she was it. 

Although Austin and I both grew up in South Florida, I(Tristan) moved to North Carolina for my undergraduate degree and soon after, Austin followed for his Masters degree. We spent lots of time hiking, biking, hunting, and fishing. One constant throughout all these activities was people had their dogs with them! It dawned on me that these dogs needed a nourishing snack while they spent their days outdoors! That's when the idea for Golden’s Co. was conceived. An idea that became a reality. We wanted to create a product that we knew Cassie would love and was healthy for all dogs!

That's why we, at Golden’s Co., aspire to provide dogs of all shapes and sizes healthy and tasty treats packed with nutritional benefits so our dogs can Live The Golden’s Life. 

"The only thing better than a dog is a happy dog, that's where we come in. At Golden’s Co. we search far and wide to provide your pets with the healthiest and tastiest soft chews on the market. Golden’s Co. is more than just a product, it's a lifestyle! Live Free, Feel Golden!"


Tristan Payne